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V-Wallet is a new online payment system that makes money management easy and secure.

Wherever you are, whatever time of day, V-Wallet’s robust security system moves money around in a way that suits you.
Make payments, transfer funds, receive money, transfer currency, shop online - and start reaping the rewards today.

Open your account for free and take advantage of great foreign exchange rates and fast money management.
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Use your V-Wallet to move money electronically, via smartphone, tablet or computer. It’s easy to set up so you can pay bills, transfer funds between accounts or send money to individuals, companies, family members or friends, anywhere in the world.


You can receive funds into your V-Wallet, you can view your transaction history, and transferring money from your linked accounts is easy. You can make numerous transfers in and around your wallet and you are always in control.

V-Wallet Card

Linked to your V-Wallet online account, you can have a pre-paid virtual or plastic card in the currency of your choice. Backed by MasterCard or Visa, they are welcomed by retailers and restaurants worldwide and provides access to shopping online.


Our aim is to exceed industry standards by placing robust measures to provide fraud prevention and reduce risk. To ensure privacy and data security measures, by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Message Digest Algorithm 5 (MD5) 128- bit encryption. ISO/EMI 27001 is the best known standard to provide information security management system (ISMS) along with being PCI compliant.

Foreign Exchange

You can deal in a basket of foreign currencies on your V-Wallet, making payments in different countries and enjoying very competitive exchange rates. V-wallet is the best way to gain access to foreign markets.

Triple Click

If you make regular payments to friends and family members, you can set up a fast and easy payment method using just three clicks to send them money instantly.

Online Shopping

V-Wallet takes online retailing in its stride. Making payments to internet merchants around the world has never been easier or more secure. It’s all your money needs.

Adding Investment Value